A Little Inspiration For Your Country-style Bathroom

The bathroom should be a place where you feel relaxed and at ease. What better way to inspire these feelings than with a country motif? There is a lot of room for imagination when designing a country-style bathroom.

Whether you're aiming for a more western theme that incorporates images of cowboys and cattle, or you'd rather have a subtle country theme with natural materials and traditional decorations, you have a lot of decisions to make—from your floorboards to your towels. Here are a few inspirational ideas to get you started in the right direction.

Ideas for the Floor

Bathroom floors in country-style bathrooms can be tricky, since wood, a typical flooring material in country homes, is not very well-suited to the moist conditions in a bathroom. A tile floor is probably your best bet. To give it a country look, try one of the following tips:

  • Choose tile in soft, cheerful colors such as periwinkle blue or straw yellow, as these colors typically make you think of the country.
  • Matte tile is a more country-style option than tile with any sort of shine or shimmer.
  • Stone tile, which beautiful, tends to look more modern than country, unless you choose very small stone tiles in crisp white or light gray.

Ideas for the Shower

Open showers and all-glass shower surrounds are very in style right now, but you'll want to steer clear of these options if you're trying to create a country look. Instead, go simple and traditional with a basic shower/tub insert. You can choose a dashing, country-style shower curtain with wildflowers, cattle or a patchwork design on its front.

If you have a shower elsewhere in your home and don't particularly need one in this bathroom, consider using a free-standing, claw-foot bathtub instead. Nothing says country tradition like a claw-foot bathtub.

Ideas for the Vanity

The vanity is your chance to go rustic. It won't be exposed to as much water as your floor or the shower, so you can use wood here without much worry of rot or warping. Find a beautiful vanity made from roughly hewn wood and fitted with a stone sink.

If the idea of a natural wood and stone vanity is too rustic for your taste, you can go with traditional porcelain and painted wood. Just make sure you choose a simple design and a country-inspired color, such as sage green or rich cream. A distressed finish also gives a vanity a notably country look. If you find an older wooden vanity that you want to spiff up, give it a coat of whitewash to make it look fresh, yet traditional.

Ideas for Accessories

The right accessories can really make your country-style bathroom pop. Try choosing a theme for your accessories, and then buying towels, soap holders, planters and other items to fit that theme. A few country-inspired ideas include:

  • Patchwork quilts. If you can find a patchwork shower curtain and pair it with towels that have a trip of patchwork across their ends, your bathroom will be unmistakably country.
  • Farm animals. Many people think of farm animals as cutesy and child-like, but there are actually tasteful, country-inspired designs out there featuring chickens, pigs or cows. Don't go overboard with this one; choose some solid colored items to offset the many farm animals in your decor.
  • Flowers. This is an ideal choice if you're trying to create a more feminine look. Small, subtle flowers are more country-like than large flowered prints.

When designing your country-style bathroom, it's important to take your time. Gather options from bathroom remodeling experts before you make any big decisions, and browse your local home goods store to find inspired accessories. Your theme will come together before you know it.