How To Build A Roof To Withstand A Superhero Fight

Have you ever watched your favorite superhero movie, gotten all the way to the end and wondered how the world copes with the aftermath of the big fight scene? In the real world, that type of heroics would cost billions of dollars in damage, and the economy of the area would be slow in recovering from such devastation. If you're facing the proposition of building a new roof, either on a new build or on an older home, you might be wondering what it would take to make it able to withstand a superhero fight scene. Here's what you need to know.

It Has to Bear Weight

If Super Man comes crashing down out of the stratosphere onto your roof, there's no stopping it. He's going to leave a Super Man-shaped crater in your foundation. If, however, the fight happens across your roof instead of through it, you need it to support the weight of both the superhero and the supervillain. You can accomplish this task by using a truss design for your roof instead of a rafter design.

In a trussed roof, the peak is supported with beams in a variety of configurations. Rafter roofs are not, and that can lead to more collapses during the fisticuffs.

Flat Roofs Might Work in Your Favor

Pitched roofs have increased strength, and are often preferred in areas that get a lot of snowfall. Because they can sometimes support more weight than flat roofs you might think a flat roof isn't an option at all, but they actually have a couple of advantages.

  • They can double as a helipad. Think about it, when is the last time you saw a helicopter come to the rescue in the movies and land on a pitched roof? It can't be done.
  • The roofing materials and labor are often cheaper and easier to replace.

That second one is a big one. Replacing a caved in roof will cost you a lot less time and money if it's flat than if it's pitched. Instead of building a new frame for the roof, all that is required for some repair jobs on flat roofs is new tar and fiberglass membrane. Sure, your roof might be a little more likely to get damaged by flailing fighters, but repairing it will be a snap.

It Has to be Fire Resistant

What if one of the heroes or villains has fire powers? You can't count on the fire department making your home a priority when all of downtown is in shambles. You need to think ahead and invest in a roof that is fire resistant.

Few materials resist flames like metal. Metal roofs are not only the most fire resistant, but they are also some of the most durable. Putting a metal roof on your house means that when the Human Torch comes crashing into it, it won't set the whole neighborhood on fire, and will last through 4 to 6 decades.

Other fire resistant roofing materials consist of:

  • Cement or clay tiles
  • Recycled plastic materials
  • Fire retardant wood shake
  • Recycled rubber materials

It isn't easy living as a citizen where a bad day can mean a fight between demigods breaks out in your back yard. If you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to be living on a superhero movie set, don't mess around with your roofing choices. Deciding to cheap out on the roof could mean much more costly repairs down the road. Keep in mind that having solid residential roofing over your head is the most effective way to keep the things and people you love safe, dry, and out of the way of superhero fights.