Wine Lovers: Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect French Doors For Your Wine Storage Room

As a wine lover, you should consider adding a wine cellar to your home. It doesn't have to be in the basement, it can be in any relatively cool room in your home, but regardless of where you opt to locate it, consider adding French doors that allow guests to peek in and see your bottles.  When choosing French doors for your wine storage room, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Choose exterior grade French doors

Ideally, your wine storage room should have its own internal thermostat, and you should be able to keep that room cooler than the rest of your home. Although you can safely store wine at 69 to 70 degrees, if you want it to age well, it needs to be stored in an environment where the temperature ranges from 45 to 65 degrees – most wine aficionados declare 55 degrees as the perfect temp for the aging process.

To keep your room at that temp without spending an excessive amount of money on cooling, you want exterior grade French doors. For example, rather than using French doors that are designed for the inside, learn more here and use patio French doors. They seal your room to help keep temps consistent.

2. Choose double paned glass

Just as your French doors should be exterior quality, their glass should also be double paned. Double paned glass does more than help keep the temperatures in your wine storage room steady. It also blocks unwanted sunlight from getting into your wine room – if you have a window directly across from your French doors outside the storage room, double paned glass will stop the sunlight from that window as it tries to travel through your doors into your storage room.

Double paned windows have a layer of air or gas between the glass. Ask your French door installer which option is best for your needs. In most cases, gas-filled windows offer better insulating properties than air-filled windows, but they don't work in every situation or at every elevation.

3. Seal existing French doors with weather stripping

If you are using an existing room of your home that already has French doors on it,  you should replace those doors with exterior quality French doors with double-paned glass, but if you need to keep your existing doors, there are things you can do to modify them.

To keep the room as sealed as possible, install weather stripping around these French doors. In most cases, that job is as simple as gluing a rubber strip around the doors so they fit more tightly in their frame. To create additional insulating properties in lieu of double paned glass, add insulating curtains to your French doors.

4. Consider embracing etched glass or carved wood

If you have to add curtains to your French doors, consider choosing curtains that are thematically tied with your storage area. For example, for a bit of fun, you can hang wine or burgundy colored curtains or curtains with wine bottles printed on them.

If you are not going to have curtains but you like the idea of a wine theme, embrace that theme on your French doors. You can have the glass etched with the designs of your choice, from wine bottles, to corks. Alternatively, you could leave the glass clear for viewing and have grape vines carved into the wood surrounding the glass panes for a fun decorative effect.

5. Add a lock

In addition to protecting the temps in your wine room, you should also think about protecting the wine itself. If you are storing expensive bottles of wine, consider adding a lock with a keyhole or an electronic code to your doors. Alternatively, add a sensor to your French doors and tie it to your home security system.