4 Advantages Of Installing A Wood Stove In A Home With Children

There are many benefits to installing a wood stove from a company like http://www.aquarec.com in your home. Along with a natural heat source and a reduction of energy costs, you can get even more advantages if you have children in the home. A wood stove can provide children a number of educational and entertainment activities. Explore the following four advantages to installing a wood stove in your home with children. After having a stove for many years, children can look back fondly on all the memories it has made for you and the family.

Fire Safety

A wood stove presents the perfect opportunity to teach your children about fire safety. Videos, books, and speeches can only go so far. When a wood stove is in the home, a child can see the effects of a fire first-hand. By working with a responsible adult, a child can understand the safety rules when it comes to operating or going near the wood stove. When the wood stove is first installed, the family can go over the initial rules and expand from there.

Along with basic fire lessons, children can learn about other heating dangers. This includes smoke inhalation, hot embers, and proper cleaning of the wood stove. Children can learn about firewood, starter logs, and the proper tools used to start a controlled fire. These safety lesson can expand to adulthood and build a natural responsibility as they mature.

Daily Chores

Children involved in daily chores have the opportunity to experience many benefits. This includes learning responsibility, learning to save money, learning the proper role in the family, and building respect for elders. A new wood stove brings a lot of opportunities for extra and manageable chores around the house. One of the easiest wood stove chores to give a child is retrieving wood.

Rolling wood carts are often sold as wood stove accessories. These carts are easy to pull from a wood pile and into the house. As a daily chore, a child can make multiple trips to gather the wood. The chore also provides a nice source of physical activity. Another chore could involve cleaning out the wood stove. A wood stove vacuum is specifically made to suck up old ashes in the stove. The machine can easily be operated by older children and adds a good chore to complete on a weekly basis.

Humidifiers & Steamers

The heat emitted from a wooden stove provides a lot more than just adding extra warmth to the home. Steel humidifiers and steamers can be placed on the top of the wood stove to help enhance the air in the stuff. Instead of just using water in the humidifiers, a number of essential oils can be mixed and burn into the air. Essential oils are natural products that can used to help improve the health of a child.

Oils that can be used in a wood stove includes chamomile, dill and lavender. They add a fresh aroma to the home, especially in the room where the wood stove is located. As children grow older, a number of new oils can be diffused through the humidifier. This includes cinnamon, grapefruit, and pine.

Home Entertainment

A wood stove can provide the whole family with all sorts of entertainment. The wood stove can act as entertainment on its on or become a supplement part of many family activities. One of the best examples of entertainment in a wood stove involves flame sticks and crystals. When the sticks are placed in the wood stove, they burn and change the fire all sorts of colors. A bag of color changing pine cones can also be used in the fire. The pine cones burn slowly, giving children a lot of time to watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

While the colorful flames are burning, a wood stove can act as a great backdrop for family stories, snacks, and board games. It creates a cozy mood and is great for a snowy winter day.

When getting a wood stove installed in your home, work with professionals to choose the best location that caters to the whole family and the activities you want to complete.