Are Slugs Taking Over Your Garden? Get Rid Of Them Yourself Without Pesticides!

Many people do not realize that they have a slug infestation until they spot small holes in the leaves of their plants. Slugs like to hide in dark places during the day and come out to feast on plants in your garden at night time. If you see holes in your plants and aren't positive that they are from slugs, come into your garden during the night hours and shine a flashlight on the ground or plants. You may see the slugs or the slimy trail they leave behind. If you see them, you will want to work to rid them from your space, or they will continue to lay eggs and multiply, destroying your garden in the process. Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can attempt to get rid of them yourself without the use of pesticides. Here are a few of those methods.

Set a Beer Trap

One of the ways you can remove slugs from your garden is to set out beer traps. Fill a smooth cup or jar 1/2 to 3/4 quarters of the way to the top with beer. Bury the cup or jar in the dirt, so that it protrudes only a couple of inches from the dirt. Don't make it too high or the slug may have trouble finding its way in. Once buried, leave the cup in place overnight. The slugs are attracted to the smell of the beer. They will climb in the cup and then drown in the liquid. Repeat this process nightly until you stop finding slugs in the morning. This is a slow process but, with repeated use, can help dwindle the population of slugs residing in your garden.

Use Salt

Another way that you can kill slugs quickly and effectively is to use salt. You can use table salt, rock salt or even epsom salt. It doesn't matter which kind you use, so use whatever you have on hand. Salt dries a slug's moist body out, causing it to die. There are also a few different ways you can go about killing slugs using salt. The first is to mix just enough water with salt in a spray bottle to create a liquid that you can spray on the slugs. When you see the slug, simply spray it. It will likely crawl away, but eventually, it will die. Another method is to sprinkle salt directly on the slug. Coating the slug with a pinch of salt will also kill it. The last method is to sprinkle salt around the walkways or areas where you see slug trails. As they slide over the salt, their bodies will absorb it, and they will die. However, if you decide to use salt, keep in mind that salt can also dehydrate your plants. As such, it is recommended that you don't sprinkle it in your soil or spray excess amounts on or near your plants.

Sprinkle Coffee in Your Garden

The last way you can attempt to naturally get rid of a slug infestation in your garden is to use coffee. Ground coffee works to rid your infestation in two different ways, making it very effective. First, the smell of coffee repels slugs. Many slugs will avoid your garden when a small amount of coffee is sprinkled around the edges of your garden simply because they don't like the scent. Secondly, caffeine can kill slugs, so if they were to eat it, they would die. Sprinkle the coffee around the edges of your garden or in your soil on a weekly basis to help reduce the slug population. The process can be repeated even after the infestation has been removed to help ensure they stay away for good.

Removing slugs from your garden is not a process that happens overnight. However, when you use coffee, salt or beer traps, you should be slowly killing the slugs off without the use of pesticides that can affect the pH of your soil. If your efforts don't seem to be working, or if the infestation has spread to dark areas in your home, such as a basement or crawl space, it may be time to hire a professional pest control company, such as Antex Exterminating Co Inc. The company can help seal off areas where the pests are entering your home and work with you to remove items from your garden that are attracting these pests. If needed, they can also spray chemical slug bait formulations to quickly wipe the pests out.