Three Ways To Create The Ultimate Bathtub Area For Relaxation

Customizing your home allows you to create personal environments that offer the most relaxation and comfort. When you're remodeling a bathroom, you can turn the room into a pure location for relaxing and soothing your body. One of the best areas for this is a bathtub location. By properly planning upgrades and changes to the bathroom, you can create an area that look forward to each and everyday. There are three ways to add ultimate comfort in the bathroom. By implementing these upgrades, you can have one of the most relaxing rooms in your home.

Fireplace Installation

Fireplaces are typically installed in a living room or bedroom, but they can really enhance the mood and relaxation in a bathroom. When a fireplace is installed near a bath, you can add a natural heating element along with beautiful visuals to enjoy. When selecting a fireplace for your bathroom, there are many options to consider.

  • Fireplace Location: Typically, a bathroom fireplace will be installed higher up on the wall. This can help prevent any water or accidental splashing from reaching the flames or interfering with the fire process. The wall nearest to the bathtub is typically the best option so you can feel the direct heat and lay so that you're facing the fireplace.
  • Fireplace Type: Depending on your home's set-up, there are multiple types of fireplaces to choose from. A wood burning or gas fireplace would need a vent that runs to the roof of your home. An electric fireplace takes less time to install and relatively maintenance free. A digital thermostat remote allows you to control the heat and intensity of the flames without needing to get up out of the tub.
  • Fireplace Finishes: Surround the fireplace installation with a number of finishes to enhance the look. For example, if your bathroom is all tile, then the fireplace can be surrounded with the same tile to add a seamless design. You can also have a fireplace finished with a natural stone look or some type of industrial design like brick and cement.

Bathtub Upgrades

Instead of just a big space with water, there are numerous bathtub upgrades you can invest in to help increase your relaxation. These upgrades are available on a number of tubs and you can mix or match your favorite features to choose options that you really enjoy.

  • Aromatherapy Tubs: Add some natural scents to each bath with aromatherapy tubs. These tubs feature inserts that will infuse the water with scents as jets move and release the aroma through the air and bubbles that are created. Complement your fireplace with natural relaxing scents like pine, flowers, or other types of plants. The use of an aromatherapy tub is a great replacement for scented candles or other products that take a while to set up.
  • Massaging Tubs: Choose a tub with massaging bubbles that can relax your whole body. Look for tubs with multiple jets that can cover your back, neck, arms, and legs all at once. For an intense massage, select a whirlpool option. For a more relaxed massage, consider air bubble baths that use little pockets of air to create a gentle massage around your whole body.
  • Lighted Tubs: Dim the lights in your bathroom so you can enjoy the ambiance from a fireplace and built-in lights to the tub. Tub lights provide illumination in the water and can often be set to a wide range of color designs.

Entertainment Options

A number of entertainment options give you more opportunities to relax in your tub. These upgrades can provide you with extra activities to enjoy for longer baths.

  • Television Mounts: Add a television mount above or below a fireplace. This allows you to watch your favorite shows while soaking in the water.
  • Bathtub Ports: Speaker Ports and USB plugs located on a small shelf near the bathtub allows you plug in MP3 players and other media devices. Listen to relaxing music as you bathe and relax.
  • Bathtub Caddies: Over-the-water bathtub caddies allow you to place books or magazines in the tub without getting them wet or accidentally dropping them. These devices are easy to install and can really enhance the tub experience.

Work with various contractors to plan out your ideal bathroom and the options that you seek. For more information, contact a company like Alpine Fireplaces