How to Care for a Broken Glass Door Prior to Professional Repair

Your decorative glass door can get broken for a variety of reasons: a storm, an errant ball slamming into the glass, or a someone accidentally closing the door too hard. When the glass shatters you can have shards all over your entryway and floor as well as an exposed door frame to worry about. When glass repair is needed, you want to do what you can to secure the area as well as possible so you can keep everyone and your property safe until an expert arrives at your home to make repairs for you. Here are things you can do to secure your door until professional assistance can arrive.

Remove all glass

You will need protective eye wear, leather gloves, a shop vacuum, and a broom with a dustpan to remove the glass shards that have fallen out of the door. If any shards remain inside the frame, leave them where they are unless they are dangling or posing a hazard that can fall.

Sweep up large pieces of glass, placing them in a metal garbage can, then use the shop vac to remove the smaller fragments from your entryway, doorstep, and loose pieces inside the door frame itself.

Also, make sure all family members stay away from the immediate area where the broken glass has been to avoid accidentally getting cut by any pieces you may have missed. The glass door repair technician will finish cleaning the area for you when they arrive.

Secure the door

Cover the door with a tarp, large plastic bag, or a thin sheet to keep out drafts and prevent people from using it until it is repaired. You can place clear tape along cracks in the glass that are still intact to keep them from breaking further due to stress. Keep the door shut and locked and close the main door around it to prevent further door damage. If there are panes of glass within your door that are not broken at all, make sure these pieces are secure by placing an adhesive along the edges of the glass to protect edges from chips.

A broken glass door may be covered by a manufacturer's or installed warranty, so make sure you bring out all documents related to your door prior to the technician arriving. You may be able to get it repaired for little to no cost depending on the nature of how the door got broken in the first place. If storm damage is to blame, your homeowners insurance if you have it may also cover damages, so talk to your agent as well.