3 Features Your Vacation Rental's Dog Yard Should Have To Keep It In Good Shape

Making your vacation rental dog-friendly is an excellent way to optimize your prospective market pool, and therefore increase your profit margins over time. You'll need a fenced dog yard to accommodate pooches who decide to visit the property for safety reasons and to ensure that containment is easy for visiting pet owners. Here are a few features to includes in your dog yard that will help ensure that it stays in great shape throughout the years:

Artificial Grass

Dogs have a habit of digging grass up if there is dirt underneath, so installing artificial grass, such as from Bourget Bros. Building Materials, in the dog yard is an excellent way to keep them from tearing the landscape up. The grass will feel soft and comfortable to the dogs, yet they won't smell the dirt and bugs underneath so easily so they'll be less likely to try and dig it up. After a couple of digs with a paw, you should find that dogs realize they can't dig through the faux grass anyway and will leave it alone. And artificial grass can be washed clean, which makes it possible to make the yard look freshly landscaped before a new renter arrives.

A Compost Corner

It's also important to set up a compost corner in the dog yard so it's easy for your human visitors to clean the space up on a regular basis. Place a large metal garbage can in the corner and line it with a heavy-duty plastic bag. Then fill the bottom third of the container with mulch from the yard or store, and put a lid on it. The container can be used to discard dog poop in.

Hang a pooper scooper from the yard's fence nearby and place an outdoor shelf in the vicinity where plastic gloves and other tools and accessories can be stored. With this setup in place, pet owners should be able to pick up after their pets and keep the area clean with minimal effort. Once the garbage container is filled up, place the contents in a composting bin somewhere on the property so it can cook and be used for landscaping purposes in the future.


Consider including some lighting in the dog yard for when it's dark outside. Pet owners will be able to see what's going on more easily and will be more likely to keep their dogs in the yard overnight instead of feeling the need to bring them inside in order to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren't doing damage to the yard. To name a few ideas, you can hang strings of LED lights along the top of the fencing to illuminate the majority of the space, place a motion-sensor lighting system near the entrance, or put small solar garden lights along the edges of the exterior of your fencing.