Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel For Commercial Business Construction Needs

If you want a commercial building placed on a plot of land to be used for warehouse storage, offices, or other purposes, then you have some options to consider when it comes to building materials. The options may include structural steel and there are many benefits of using this material. Keep reading to learn about a few.

Stainless Steel Is Lightweight 

It may come as a surprise to learn that stainless steel is actually lighter than wood when it comes to beams. Wood weighs about 45 pounds per cubic foot and stainless steel weighs about almost 500 pounds per cubic foot. While this does indicate that stainless steel is quite a bit heavier, this has a lot to do with the dense nature of the metal. This means that less of the steel can be used to create a stronger beam. This is the case when I-beams are created and positioned to create a steel commercial building. 

When less steel is used and the beams are lighter, this means that the main structure will not be as heavy. Less weight-bearing beams are needed to hold up the structural I-beams. This can reduce the cost of your building substantially. 

Also, if you are paying for raw materials, you will likely be paying for the shipping of the beams and other components. If the steel weighs less per beam, then these costs will be reduced as well.

Buildings Can Be Constructed Quickly

If you have a business plan you want to follow closely that outlines the timeframe for erecting your building, then you may want to stick closely to the timeline. This is often necessary to meet or come under your budget. While buildings made from wooden beams can be constructed quickly, steel ones are more likely to be built faster. This has a lot to do with the way that the parts and pieces are created in a pre-fabricated manner. All parts are made to spec to match the size and shape of the structure you want. 

Not only can pre-fabricated parts make the building job go more quickly, it can reduce mistakes. If workers do not need to rush to get the project done in time, then they are far more likely to complete the project without cutting corners. This can help your building to pass the necessary inspection and also keep future incidents, accidents, and injuries to a minimum. 

If you want to know about exactly how a steel business can benefit your commercial business needs, contact a commercial building construction professional. For more information, contact a business such as Ganneston Construction Corp.