4 Causes Of Sand In Well Water

Does your home receive its water supply from a well? If so, water quality is likely a key concern of yours. This is one reason that water well owners get their water supply routinely tested. However, between inspections and water testing, it is possible for something to go awry. One issue is sediment in the water, and sand is one type of sediment that could end up in your water. The following points will help you to understand why this phenomenon occurs. 

Well Pump

If your well pump is malfunctioning, it will likely vibrate. The vibrations can cause sand to mix with the water. Unfortunately, this is an issue that would likely warrant the need to replace your well pump. The issue is usually caused by worn bearings in the pump.

Drop Pipe

Your drop pipe works in synchrony with your well pump. When both are working properly, the pump supplies fresh clean water and the pipe delivers it. However, drop pipes can get holes in them. This is usually the result of normal wear and tear. The hole can be an exit point for the water traveling through, and as water exits through the hole, it can disturb the sand in wells. This results in some of the sand entering the hole and passing through the pipes with water. This issue can be corrected by replacing the pipe.

Pressure Tank

When a pressure tank cycles on and off abnormally, it is a sign that the pressure tank may need to be replaced. Some property owners ignore this sign until they notice a change in their water quality. Damaged bladders in pressure tanks are a common cause of short cycling. The short cycling can cause vibrations that can also disturb the sand in the well resulting in it entering the water supply. It is also possible for low pressure to cause pressure tanks to become waterlogged and allow sand to enter.

Construction Issues

Ideally, water wells will be constructed correctly, but sometimes mistakes can happen. One error that could occur is installing the wrong size gravel packs in the well. The gravel size is important because it aids in keeping sand from mixing with water. Altering the position of the water well pump may correct this issue in certain cases.

A water well drilling company is an excellent resource to use if you notice sediment in your water. These professionals can also make repairs or replace broken components of your water well system. Click for more info.