Beach-Inspired Ideas That Will Make Your Interiors Light And Airy

Get energized by lightening up your home or business interiors, and dedicating a space to a beach-theme. These open, airy areas are perfect for warm weather, and a place to unwind and recharge. The simplicity and reminder of the ocean can be quite restorative while bringing a chic style to any space.

Some beach-inspired ideas that impact your interiors are:

A fresh coat of paint. Give the entire space a fresh coat of white or eggshell paint; this will create a blank slate for you to bring beach-inspired pieces in. Hire professionals for optimal results, as they will tape, prime, and clean-up after, leaving you with an airy, beachy space.

Seashell shadow-box table. A really clever item to echo your theme is a simple shadowbox table. These can be made or purchased, and basically, consist of a shadowbox that is perched on four-legs. Fill the shadowbox portion with a collection of seashells for a clever conversation piece.

A ship's wheel. Check out antique stores and vintage interior sites for a cool, authentic-looking ship's wheel. These might be free-standing or you could purchase one that hangs on a wall. Whatever type of wheel you find, it will bring a distinct personality to your space.

A white sofa. The perfect foundation for a beach-inspired space is a white seating arrangement. At the very least, purchase a white couch or sofa to set a clean, neutral mood in your room. This will later be accented with bold pillows and nautical throws, as desired.

Frameless mirrors. Mirrored walls can make small spaces seem larger and mimic the reflection that you might see when gazing out over the water. Buy large frameless mirrors to hang or invest in mirrored tile that you can create unique surfaces throughout the space.

Nautical flags. Look online for authentic nautical flags in bold colors and unique patterns; frame these to hang on a wall or use them to cover pillows for your couch. These are often in the most beautiful vibrant hues, and the pop of color really brings your space to life.

Straw floor mats. Don't forget what is under your feet; cover wood, linoleum, or tile flooring with straw or bamboo floor coverings. These bring a sand-of-sorts to the room, and they are the perfect neutral to pair with your bright, nautical accents.

A captain's chair. If you really want to make a statement, find yourself a captain's chair. These can go anywhere in the home, from the bedroom to the lanai, and are perfect conversation pieces in a business or office. 

Give your home or business a beach-inspired look with one of these suggestions. Start the transformation with a fresh coat of neutral, light-toned paint, and then bring in your nautical and beachy accents. These spaces will help you to channel the beach, even in wintry weather! 

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