Suffering From Damaged Metal Furniture? Consider Renting A Stud Welder

Metal furniture is usually sturdy and reliable enough to withstand many types of damage. However, it can often end up getting damaged and will require certain types of repairs. Renting a stud welder can be a useful process for many in this delicate situation.

The Nature Of Stud Welding

Stud welding is the process of joining a large metal stud to a piece of metal. It requires using high-heat to slightly metal the metal and then attaching the metal pieces together. As the metal cools, it will fuse and allow the stud to stay in place. It is often used for a variety of different purposes and industries and comes in multiple different types, including:

  • Drawn arc welding
  • Short arc welding
  • Gas arc welding

Each of these types of stud welding methods varies slightly in the way they are applied. Short arc welding is probably the best bet for welding metal furniture because it is less severe. But how exactly does this type of welding help when repairing a piece of metal furniture?

Why Stud Welding Is So Beneficial

Stud welding can help repair metal furniture in a variety of different ways. First of all, it can add replacement studs and attachments on items that have lost them. For example, it can add an appropriate stud or screw to a chair and use it to hold it together. However, it can also be used to weld together broken pieces of furniture to hold them in a solid state.

Stud welding is particularly useful for furniture because it attaches so quickly and creates a very strong hold. In fact, the hold is usually stronger than that of the materials used in the weld. As a result, welded metal furniture is less likely to break apart at these welds and will hold together for a longer period of time.

Using A Stud Welder Properly

Using a stud welder requires a lot of careful practice before actually trying it out on a piece of furniture. The first step is to clean the area of all contaminants to ensure that nothing ends up getting in the weld. This is easy to do with a dish soap and water. Rinse away the soap and water with another rag and get ready to weld.

Press the stud in the gun and pull the welding gun trigger. This will cause electricity to run through the stud and melt its end. Make sure to check the your welding gun handbook to find a stud that works for its specific size. Thankfully, adapters can change the accepted size for the welding gun.

Now press the stud against the piece of metal furniture and hold it there until it stays. Now, let it cool down for awhile before performing any other types of repair techniques. The new stud can be used to achieve a variety of different repair techniques, including attaching new items to the stud and using them to hold together broken pieces of furniture.

Anyone who is interested in renting a stud welder to repair their metal furniture should shop around a bit before investing in one. In this way, they can find a rental company that is inexpensive and which has the welder they need. A few practice runs are also a good idea, as welding can be a tricky art to master.