3 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Garage Door With A Pressure Washer

If there is one tool that is preferred among homeowners looking to do some exterior cleaning, it is a pressure washer. This powerful machine takes the water you have and turns it into a full stream of high-pressure water that can blast away dirt and grime in a flash. While you can use a pressure washer to clean your garage door, you do have to remember a few simple rules so you don't end up with damage. Take a look at these three common mistakes homeowners tend to make when cleaning their garage door with a pressure washer. 

Mistake: Using a fine-point nozzle to clean the garage door. 

Why? Most pressure washers have an array of nozzles that you can attach to the spray gun to achieve different spray patterns with the water. The nozzles with the finer points give you a stream of water that is small and powerful to get dirt out of grooves and small places. This nozzle is rarely a good idea to use on your garage door. Because the water is pushed through a smaller hole, it is even more pressurized, which means it can easily take off paint, bite into wood, and even scar metal. Stick with the nozzles that have a larger opening when cleaning your garage door. 

Mistake: Not protecting the window glass before cleaning with a pressure washer. 

Why? If the pressure of the water is high enough, you could easily crack the glass or damage the plexiglass of the garage door windows. Therefore, it is best to keep the sprayed stream away from the windows altogether and clean them later by hand.It is a good idea to cover the windows with a piece of dense cardboard and duct tape just to ensure you don't accidentally hit them with the water steam while you clean. 

Mistake: Using the pressure washer to clean a wooden garage door. 

Why? It is usually not a good idea to use high-pressure water of a pressure washer to clean a wooden garage door, especially if the wooden door is painted or a bit older. The pressurized water can break apart surface fibers of the wood, causing splintering and scars. Even though the damage may not be immediately visible, this can leave the surface of your garage door more vulnerable to breakage and deterioration down the line. If the surface of the wooden garage door is painted, the pressure washer can also take off the paint. 

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