Design Options For An Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is a choice material for driveways. The material is relatively cost effective and fast to install. As the National Asphalt Pavement Association points out, asphalt is an especially versatile material in addition to being smooth, durable, and safe. The material is a mix of asphalt cement and aggregates such as sand, stone, and gravel. The use of aggregates also makes it a sustainable material since contractors can reuse materials. Though asphalt driveways do offer a distinct profile, they can still be customized to complement your house's façade.

Colored Asphalt

When you think of asphalt, you naturally think of black. In fact, asphalt can be customized to different colors, especially earth tones. One method of adding color is by using aggregates in a specific hue. This method offers a subtle coloration that shows more as the binder wears away. Another way is to include additives in the mix. Additives can be items such as iron, slag, or recycled glass. The most vibrant tones come from coating the surface with a colored sealer. You also have a wider range of colors with this method.

Stamped Asphalt

Another way to customize the body of the driveway is by having it stamped. To do this, contractors stamp a template into freshly-placed or reheated asphalt. Afterward, they apply a modified coating, which could be the colored sealer. Not only is stamped asphalt more slip-resistant, you can choose from a variety of patterns. These include different brick, slate, and cobblestone patterns. By combining patterns with color, you can design a unique driveway that adds curb appeal to your house.

Driveway Border and Apron

Driveways don't consist of just one piece — there's also the apron, which widens out to the street. It's also possible to add borders. Both of these areas can be customized. You can choose a different color or stamp pattern for the asphalt, or both. It's also possible to mix media. For instance, you could have the driveway bordered in brick or stone. You could also choose stamped and stained concrete for the apron.  


Another customization option is adding inlays. Contractors can do this one of two ways. One method is to stamp a different shape into the asphalt and further distinguish it with a different sealer color. The other method is to inlay the asphalt with a different material, such as pavers or brick. You can choose a simple shape, a pattern, or even the numbers of your address.

By choosing stamped and colored asphalt, customizing the border and apron, and then adding accents, you can design a decorative driveway that's a beautiful complement to your home.