Basic Fence Installation Questions Answered

When you are looking at your option for installing a fence, you will want to make sure that you know some of the more basic information about this property enhancement. Otherwise, you will find the task of making decisions can be much more complicated and difficult than is necessary.

Are Metal Or Wood Fence Posts Best?

The type of fence post that is installed can have major impacts on your experience owning the fence. For example, individuals will often find that they greatly enjoy the appearance of wooden fence posts. However, a wood fence will be far more difficult to maintain due to the need to seal it against water damage and treat it to prevent insects from harming it. In contrast, metal fence posts will be more expensive to install, but they can offer superior performance due to the fact that they will be much more durable against the elements. As a result, the option that is best for your needs will largely depend on whether you value the appearance or amount of maintained the fence will require more.

Why Should Concrete Be Poured At The Base Of The Fence Posts?

During the process of installing the fence posts, it may be necessary to pour concrete at the bottom of the post holes. This may seem odd, but the concrete can be an extremely effective anchor for the fence post. In particular, this will prove to be useful in instances where the soil around the post may be prone to eroding. The amount of concrete that should be poured will vary depending on the soil conditions and the weight of the fencing materials. However, most individuals will find that as little as a few inches of concrete may be sufficient for keeping the fence posts stable.

Should You Allow Professionals To Install Your Fence?

Installing a fence can be a task that is surprisingly difficult. Individuals that make an attempt at installing their fence without hiring professionals can find themselves experiencing significant difficulties that they may not have originally expected. For example, it can be remarkably difficult to ensure that the fence posts are installed in a straight line. Additionally, individuals may make the mistake of digging the post holes too shallow, which can compromise the stability of the fence. It can be extremely expensive to repair these problems as the compromised sections of fencing may need to be removed and completely reinstalled. For these reasons, hiring a professional fence trenching service for this work may simply be the best option for most individuals.