Three Things To Consider When Buying A New Home For Family Life With Small Kids

Buying a home at different stages of your life requires different considerations. If you have toddlers now or are planning to have more children, then you'll want to look for homes that are kid-friendly. Of course, no matter what home you buy, you'll want to make it safer for kids with cabinet locks and outlet covers, but there are some things you can look for when house-hunting to make sure you buy a good family home. Here are some suggestions.

Proximity To Highways And Busy Streets

Even if you buy a home in the country, it might be set close to a highway. Homes in the city are often near multi-lane streets. You may not want to raise a family so close to dangerous traffic. It might be challenging to pull in and out of your driveway, or even worse, you may need to park on the side of the street and expose your kids to danger just getting in and out of the car.

Living near a highway can be dangerous for your family pets too if a dog dashes out the door and runs into the road. Highways and busy streets are also noisy and emit pollution from all the vehicles. A better choice for family life might be in a quiet subdivision, or in the country off of a private lane.

Layout Of The House

Deciding on the perfect layout is challenging because you want a floor plan you love, but you also have to consider how a different floor plan could make your life easier for the next several years. For instance, you may love an open floor plan where the kitchen and great room are all in one open area. But, buying a home with a galley kitchen has its advantages too. You can put up gates to keep toddlers out of the kitchen and you can put up a gate to keep kids and pets out of the living room so it always stays clean and ready for guests.

While you may want the privacy of a split-style master bedroom, you might rest easier if your bedroom is closer to your kids so you can hear them at night. Stairs are something else to consider. You can always put gates on the stairs to keep kids safe, but then you have to remove the gate or step over it when you want to go upstairs. Maybe buying a home without stairs is the best option so you won't have to worry about anyone tripping down the stairs.

Suitability For Modern Life

You might save money if you buy an old house, but if you do, you might be stuck with plumbing and electrical outlets suitable for life fifty years ago instead of today. You'll want a circuit panel capable of keeping up with modern appliances and all the electronics your kids will use as they grow. In addition, you want an electrical system that is safe, grounded, and fitted with ground fault protection where it's needed.

Be sure the hot water heater, septic system, and pipes will handle a busy household with kids that will grow into teens that use a lot of water. Deciding to buy an older house or a new home can be difficult, but if you want a home with the most modern conveniences and that won't need major upgrades to keep up with your family, a new home or recently renovated older home for sale might be best.