4 Essential Elements In Every Zen Garden

Looking to convert your patio or backyard into a tranquil space of peace and relaxation? A garden with zen elements may be the right option for you. Zen gardens are based on Asian aesthetics and may include Japanese and Buddhist elements. They often feel like an oasis or escape from the surrounding world. The garden is sparsely decorated and makes use of many natural elements. The idea is that your mind shouldn't be distracted by bright colors or vivid design elements. Instead, the space should feel natural and comforting so you can relax and find peace. Think a zen garden might be right for you? Below are a few essential elements.

Walls. Your zen garden should feel like it's cut off from the outside world. When you're in the garden, you're free from stresses of everyday life, like work or personal issues. One of the best ways to achieve this from a design standpoint is to physically cut the garden off from the surrounding space. In Japan, traditional zen gardens have large walls and a small privacy gate.

Actual walls may not be feasible in your yard. However, you could create the same effect with large shrubbery. Look for plants that are tall enough to provide privacy. You can recreate the gate aspect by installing a path into the garden made from pea gravel or other small stones.

Water. Moving water is an essential element in any zen garden. The sound of the moving water provides a soothing and relaxing element. It's also helpful to drown out noise from outside the garden. A fountain is an effective choice for this kind, but if you have the space, you also may want to consider a small creek lined with small to medium sized stones.

Plants. The whole point of the zen garden is to blend seamlessly with nature. As you might imagine, plants should play a large role in your zen garden. Stay away from brightly colored flowers and trees. Instead, lean towards shrubbery and other plants that have a green or blue hue. Ferns, shrubs, and ornamental grasses are all excellent choices.

Stones. Decorative rocks and stones are the other essential elements in any zen garden. You should use a variety of shapes and sizes to create an interesting but subtle aesthetic. Small gravel is an excellent choice for paths and walkways. Round, smooth Mexican beach pebbles can be an effective choice for flower beds or to line patios and walkways. Also consider some varying sized boulders underneath trees or even as alternate sitting options.

Ready to start building your relaxation space? A landscape material dealer can help you find the right stones, plants, and water elements to make your vision a reality.