Stop Cleaning Your Gutters: A Step-By-Step Approach To No More Leaf Debris

Yuck. Those half-rotten dead leaves you have to dig out of your gutters every fall is not fun. If you are particularly tired of this task (and who is not?), then maybe it is time you call a gutter repair service. While you are at it, call a tree trimming service too. Here is how both of these professionals can end this annual task once and for all, and end the leaf debris for good.

Clean out the Gutters

Before the gutter repair service arrives, you will have to clean out the gutters one last time. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can have the gutter service guy/gal do it for you. This is the first step in a series of steps that will rid you of gutter cleaning for the rest of the time that you reside in your home. 

Have the Tree Service Remove Trees

If the majority of the leaves that fall in the gutters come from trees that overhang your roof, the tree trimming person can help with that. He/she will cut down all of the branches that over hang the roof. If you feel that it is not enough, ask the tree trimming person to cut down the trees entirely. It will take them most of an afternoon, especially with sawing the trees down bit by bit, ever so carefully, and then putting the pieces through a wood chipper. However, with no trees to drop leaves, there are no leaves to worry about (unless your neighbors' trees happen to drop leaves on your roof).

Cover the Gutters

After the gutters are clean, and the tree trimming service has removed the tree limbs and/or offending trees, you can have the gutter repair person install gutter covers or gutter guards. These coverings will block any and all debris that blows over on the wind from neighboring yards. The only stuff that ends up in the gutters is dirt from your roof and rain water or melted snow and melted ice. The guards or covers stay put, too, ensuring that squirrels cannot remove the covers/guards, and no leaves, acorns, or other larger debris can ever get back inside your gutters again.

Repairing the Gutters in the Process

If your gutter repair person, upon installing the gutter covers or guards, discovers that a section of gutter needs repair before the guard or cover will attach properly, then he/she can fix it right there. It is a nice little convenience in addition to preventing future gutter cleanings. It also restores the value of your home.