Seamless Gutters Protect Your Home From Water Damage By Eliminating Leaky Middle Seams

If you've recently had problems with a wet basement, your repair contractor may have told you to get new gutters because rain is leaking into the ground near your foundation. If your gutters are leaking, the problem could be with the seams. When sectional gutters are pieced together, seams are formed that can work loose and leak. When gutters leak, they aren't of any use, and the leaking rain can cause damage to your home. One way to reduce the risk of home damage from leaking gutters is to have seamless gutters installed. Here are a few things to know about seamless gutters.

The Middle Seams Are Eliminated

Seamless gutters are custom made for your house. The troughs are as long as they need to be to cover the width of your home. This eliminates the seams in the middle that are usually formed when two short pieces of sectional gutters are joined. However, not every seam is eliminated with seamless gutters. There are still seams at the corners where the gutters wrap around your house, but the elimination of the middle seam removes part of the danger of rain leaking through the gutters and getting inside your basement.

Seamless Gutters Are Made From Different Materials

Steel is a popular type of seamless gutter because it's strong and doesn't dent easily. However, you could choose aluminum or even copper if you have a preference. Aluminum is lightweight, which can be an advantage in some ways, but it's also a disadvantage since aluminum dents so easily. Copper is an expensive metal to use for gutters, but it has a unique appearance and may be desirable for that reason. If you don't have a preference in materials, then steel could be a good choice since it's durable and it's treated not to rust.

Seamless Gutters Are Made At Your Home

Since these gutters are made to the exact size of your home, they are usually made right on the spot. The installation crew feeds the metal into one end of a machine and the gutters come out the other end ready to hang. These gutters are installed by professionals to ensure they are mounted correctly and draining as they should. If you want to install your own gutters, you'll need to buy the sectional variety at a hardware store.

Seamless gutters give your home a sleek and customized appearance while you enjoy the benefits of fewer gutter problems. You'll still need to clean the gutters regularly, but you won't have to deal with leaking seams. Contact a seamless gutter company such as Wrights Gutters & Guards for more information in regards to customization and installation.