3 Benefits Of Spray Polyurethane Foam Commercial Roofs

One of the lesser-known materials that can be used for a flat or low slope commercial roof is spray polyurethane foam. Spray polyurethane foam is a relatively new roofing product, which is why it is not as common as other commercial roofing product, such as modified bitumen and built-up roofing systems. If you are need of a new roof for a commercial building, learning the benefits of various products will help you make an informed choice about which roofing product is best for you. Here are three of the benefits of spray polyurethane foam commercial roofs. 

Spray Polyurethane Foam Can Be Sprayed Over Existing Roofs

One of the benefits associated with spray polyurethane foam commercial roofs is that this type of roofing material can be installed over many existing roofing materials, including membranes, rubber roofs, metal roofs and built-up roofing systems. By spraying the foam over your existing roofing, a new roof is created. This helps to reduce the time and labor costs typically associated with installing a new as your existing roof does not need to be removed. 

Damage Rarely Penetrates Through the Entire Foam Surface

Another benefit to spray polyurethane foam commercial roofs is that damage done to the roof from outdoor elements or flying debris rarely penetrates through the entire foam surface. Think about a foam mattress pad. When you press a pencil into the foam pad, it may pierce the surface, but rarely does it travel all the way through the entire pad. The same is true with foam roofs. Hail or rocks may dent or ding the surface, but rarely will they penetrate all the way through, ensuring the roof still offers water protection, even after sustaining minor damage.

Spray Polyurethane Can Help Decrease Your Energy Expenses

The final benefit associated with spray polyurethane foam commercial roofs is that they can help to decrease your energy expenses. Unlike other roofing material, there are no seams involved in this type of roof. Temperature-controlled air can seep out of your roof through roof seams. Without the seams, more air stays in your building, helping to decrease your overall energy usage and energy expenses. 

There are many benefits associated with spray polyurethane foam commercial roofs, and these three benefits are just a few of them. To learn more about spray polyurethane foam commercial roofs, to get answers to any questions you may have about the material or to obtain a price quote, contact your preferred commercial roofing company today.