Signs It's Time For A New Garage Door

If your garage door is suffering some minor problems, like a little rattling or squeaking, you can typically have it repaired and get a few more years out of it. But nothing lasts forever, and eventually, you will need a new garage door. Here are some signs that the day has arrived.

1. The spring keeps losing tension.

Your garage door is held up by a spring; some models have two springs. Over time, these springs stretch out, and you need to adjust the tension (usually by turning a screw) to ensure the door still closes flush with the ground. If you've been adjusting the tension again and again, but the door is still hitting the ground too soon, then the springs may be over-stretched. Replacing the springs is a pretty extensive job, and you're usually better off just replacing the whole door.

2. Rot or corrosion.

If you have a wooden garage door, it may eventually develop rot. This can eventually make the door unsafe to use since one of the wooden slats could fall off and injure someone. If your door is made from steel or aluminum, it won't rot, but it will eventually start to corrode. Corrosion is tough to repair and is pretty unsightly. It may eventually make the door weak and prone to developing holes, so you're better off replacing the door before the corrosion gets too much worse.

3. Lack of efficiency.

If your garage door is older, it may not have been built with any insulation, which means it may leak air. Your heating and air conditioning bills may be higher, particularly if your garage is heated and air-conditioned. As the door grows older and older, it may become even less efficient as gaps develop between the door and the frame due to warping. Replacing the door with a new one will keep your garage more comfortable and reduce your bills.

4. Lack of Safety Features

These days, garage doors are equipped with a number of safety features. They use a laser to detect when someone or something is underneath the door so that the door does not close on someone. They have cables running through the springs so the springs cannot snap to hurt someone. If your garage door is older and lacks these safety features, it is a sure sign you should replace it soon.

To learn more about garage door replacement, talk to a garage door installation service near you.