New Construction, Old Plumbing, New Plumbing Problems And Emergency Plumbing Services

As a construction contractor, you are often faced with odd situations and complicated problems. In the instances where you are working on new construction on an old and formerly developed site that was torn down to make room for new buildings, you run into all kinds of problems. In particular, those problems often include plumbing and electrical issues.

When you are working on new construction existing plumbing underground and new plumbing going in aboveground, there is bound to be trouble at some point. Hopefully, the problem is during the week and during daytime hours, but when it is not, then a 24-hour emergency plumber is likely your only option. Here is what will happen in these kinds of situations. 

Discovering the Problem After-Hours and Calling the Emergency Plumber

If you are not on the worksite early in the morning but your employees are, there is a good chance that they will find squirting pipes, oozing ground, and lots of other "fun" plumbing problems. These problems can destroy all of the construction work you and your team have completed so far, so the foreman on the site will undoubtedly call you. Then you will find an emergency plumber as fast as you can and call him/her to come fix things. If you already have work subcontracted out to a plumber who has been doing plumbing work on the site, you might try calling him/her first. If he/she does not respond or cannot be there to fix the problem, a backup emergency plumber is necessary.

The Emergency Plumber Drives to the Site to Assess the Situation and Fix the Problems

The emergency plumber will arrive on the worksite to assess the damages and uncover the causes. Then he/she will get to work. After the repairs are made, he/she will hand you or your site foreman the bill for services rendered. A quote is generally not requested or provided during emergency plumbing situations. 

If this plumber is not your plumbing subcontractor, be sure to ask for a full, itemized assessment of the problems that this plumber fixed. Then, later on, your plumbing subcontractor will take a look to see if he/she agrees with what the emergency plumber found and fixed. The plumbing subcontractor can then decide to come at plumbing installation on this property from a different direction if the problems were the result of old and new plumbing not working together properly. 

For more information, contact a 24-hour emergency plumber.