Creating A Dedicated Bathroom For Your Little Ones: Four Helpful Remodeling Tips

Giving your children their own dedicated bathroom means no more fishing toys out of the tub before you take a shower. Your little ones may love having their own space, and you are sure to love getting your bathroom back. If you are looking to remodel a bath for your tiny tots, here are some remodeling tips to keep in mind.

Versatile Vanities

The bath vanity can be so much more than just a sink and cabinet. Look for versatile designs that meet the needs of your little ones. A vanity with a pullout step stool makes it easy for kids to reach the sink and mirror. Some vanities have built-in hampers to keep dirty towels and clothes off of your floors, and others may have integrated soap dispensers to reduce countertop clutter. Look for a design that does extra work to keep your children's bathroom as free from messes as possible.

Slip-Resistant Floors

Slip-resistant floors aren't just reserved for hospitals and retirement communities. They can be a great asset for a children's bathroom, helping prevent accidental falls and adding an extra layer of safety to your space. You can find these tiles in an array of designs at your local home improvement store. Wood-finish tiles can give the bathroom a modern boost and create a kid-friendly look, while marble-inspired tiles can be a great option for teens and tweens. As you look for slip-resistant floors, be sure to consider a bathtub or shower floor that has integrated grips to help prevent accidents.

Built-In Organization

Children's spaces can get messy quickly, so planning for organization and storage is an important step when planning a remodel. Consider multiple towel hooks and racks on the wall to give each child their own assigned space. Built-in cubbies behind a freestanding bathtub keep soap and shampoo easily accessible. You can even have toothbrush holders installed above the vanity to keep them off of counters. Talk to your remodeling contractor about different organizational options you can have included to help keep the room tidy.

Bold Color

Of course, you want the space to look and feel fun. This can help encourage your little ones to linger longer while bathing, brushing their teeth, or washing their hands. A focal wall in a single bright color can be a great option, and multicolored tile on the wall adds a playful look. If your remodeling contractor has a great painter on staff, consider having a mural painted on one wall to create an instant focal point in the room. Don't be afraid to play with color and get a little adventurous. Your kids might even appreciate a wild bathroom look.

Talk to bathroom remodeling contractors to learn more about your options.