Water Well System Warning Signs And Maintenance Tips

Water well system maintenance is something that should not be ignored. Also, you should stay proactive when it comes to staying on top of any repair issues that come up. Ignoring maintenance and repairs can lead to much more costly and problematic issues quickly. You can learn about some of the signs of repair issues here, as well as learn some basic maintenance tips that can help you prevent some problems.

Possible warning signs of repair issues

Water quality concerns

Finding issues in the quality of the water can point to there being corroding of the pipes. There may also be problems with your filtration system. You may spot quality issues through odd odors, a change in the taste of the water, and/or the appearance of cloudiness or a tinge of color in the water. If you should spot these issues, you want to get a plumber out to take care of the necessary repairs right away and avoid using the water until the issue is resolved.

Output concerns

You know how much water to expect from your well. If you start to see a drop-off in the amount of water that is being put out, then there is a chance that the pump may need replacement. Or, there may be something going on in the system and it is preventing the water from flowing as it normally does because of a blockage. Blockages can be caused by a buildup in the pipes. A plumber should be called to make the necessary repairs because the problem will only get worse.

Tips on proactive maintenance

Inspect well vents

You want to periodically check to make sure the vents are clear of any blockages.

Store contaminants carefully

You need to store anything like fertilizers and pesticides far from the well to prevent possible contamination of the water.

Watch for leaks

Always be on the lookout for any signs of leaks coming from any pipes or seals. Puddles not caused by recent rain can indicate that you have an issue in this area.


Anything that causes you to have a concern should be checked. Small problems may be easy fixes that don't cost a lot of money. However, putting off a call to a plumber when you are wondering about something can put you in the position of facing serious repairs or full component replacements that may have been completely avoidable.

For more information, contact a water well system repair service.