Expert Tips When Addressing Broken Shingles On Residential Properties

Asphalt shingles are immensely popular for residential properties because of their low price point. They aren't extremely durable, though. That means you'll need to fix broken shingles periodically, an endeavor that can work out if you consider these roof repair tips.

Space New Shingles Appropriately

If some of the damaged shingles are in really bad shape and you don't see them being able to stay on the roof, then you need to be extra careful when putting new shingles in their place. Spacing is extremely important to get right so that your roof isn't susceptible to water problems. You also don't want the new shingles standing out too much from the surrounding shingles.

Look at the way shingles in the area have been placed and mimic the direction they're going in. Then, carefully line the new shingles in place before securing them with a nail. This approach can help you maximize the new shingles over the years.

Use Roofing Sealant For Cracks

Some of the damaged shingles might not be too bad structurally. They may just have some cracks that need to be addressed. This shingle problem can be handled appropriately when roofing sealant is used. It's an extremely powerful substance that when applied directly in the crack, will form a protective bond.

Water and other elements won't be able to get into the crack on the shingles anymore, which prevents the crack from getting bigger and causing the shingle parts to separate. Sealing cracked shingles could save you a lot of money as opposed to replacing them. 

Never Shy Away From Professional Help If It's Needed

There are many asphalt shingle issues that you can fix yourself as the homeowner. When the issues start getting a little more involved and expensive, that's when you should consider hiring a professional roofer that has plenty of experience with asphalt shingles as a roofing material.

They can help when there are a lot of shingles broken and damaged on your roof. Having their assistance helps you come up with repairs a lot faster, which is important for keeping other roof structures protected from the elements.

Asphalt shingle is a residential roofing material that has existed for a long time and it will continue to exist because of its amazing qualities. If you want to deal with it appropriately as a homeowner from a damage standpoint, take your time addressing repairs, working smart, and knowing when professional help can save you both time and money.