Small But Mighty – 5 Tips To Start An Intensive Backyard Garden

If you want a vegetable garden, having a small yard can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. But there are ways to grow your favorite veggies even if space is at a premium. Here are 5 tips for the newbie gardener. Ditch the Rows. Neat rows of vegetables is what comes to mind for most people when planning a garden. But you can save a lot of space and even lower your maintenance by using smaller raised beds or open beds with a more clustered layout – often planned out in only 1 foot square segments.

Vinyl Fencing Installation Mistakes To Avoid

If you want a fence on your property to keep animals out of your yard or to help build a private space, then a vinyl fence may be your best option. Vinyl fences are flexible and five times stronger than wood varieties. Vinyl is non-toxic, inexpensive, and it can easily be maintained. However, you will need to install the fencing properly or you may run into some issues. Keep reading to learn about a few installation mistakes that should be avoided.

Looking To Go Green With Your Roof? Why White May Be Right For You!

If you are looking to go green when it comes to your roof, a white roof, also referred to as a cool roof, may be ideal for you. White roofs have been around for about 15 years but have become more popular as more and more people learn about them. If you have never heard about them, or have only briefly heard about them, you may have many questions. What is a white roof?

Crazy For The Crepe Myrtle: Planting And Caring For This Appealing Tree

Landscape design is important for the look of your home, but it can also add value and energy efficiency. Many trees can be planted around your home to create shade, insulating your home's windows, doors, and outdoor air conditioning units to reduce cooling costs in the hot temperatures of summer. Thankfully, opting for the crepe myrtle is a smart option for enhancing your home with color, beauty, and energy efficiency.

The 411 On HOA-Approved Vinyl Fencing

Owning a home can be challenging due to the various updates and repairs necessary to protect your investment. Installing a fence can be a great investment, but you must choose the right material to complement your home style, budget, and neighborhood. Considering that many homeowner associations may not permit the installation of chain link or wood fencing, you may need to select a different option. Fortunately, many communities allow the durable nature and attractive design of vinyl fencing, but you may not be familiar with this valuable material.